Changing, Growing, Moving On.

To one of the most complex people I’ve ever met:

College has given me many things, but one of the things I’m most thankful for is getting the opportunity to meet three of the best friends I’ve ever had.  You in particular, my friend, are not one to express your feelings often, so I feel like you’d feel really awkward if you ever realized how much having you as a friend has changed me (but you probably won’t ever see this, so it’s okay).  Now that it’s the middle of summer and school is looming in the distance, knowing you won’t be there is a little strange, and honestly, it’s really sad. I just have a lot of thoughts about the whole situation, so here we go:

It’s a bittersweet thing, change.

On one side, I am sad because I personally don’t like change. I like for things to stay exactly how they are; never expanding outside of my comfort zone, never deviating off of the path. I wanted to finish college with the same friends that I started college with. To know that I might never see one of my newest and most genuine friends again really upsets me, but while I might not like it, I know that it is a good thing for you to move on.

On the other side, I know that change is inevitable, and I know that I can’t avoid it no matter how much I want to. So, instead of continuing to be sad, I’m just going to say thank you from the three of us.

First off, if it wasn’t clear already, thank you for being such a good friend. I am so glad that you and Jayne came into room 106 to set up a fish tank for Bobbi’s birthday. Thank you for trying to surround the three of us in optimism, even when we weren’t being very positive. I am thankful for the snowball fights at midnight on the one day it snowed, and for you letting us take over your ENOs in the forest at 10:30 at night.Thank you for making us laugh with funny videos, puns, and stories. Thank you for the countless movie nights and for your impeccable taste in music from which I have found some fabulous songs and artists. Thanks for going on Cookout runs with us (up until we found out the workers had spit in someone’s food which ended that real quick.) Thank you for the deep talks in the lobby of Royce until 2 A.M. Thank you for encouraging the three of us to face our problems and grow as individuals.Thank you for making me actually think about broad, complex topics instead of just dismissing them like I usually would.  If you’ve taught me one thing, it’s that I can think of no better way to build friendships than having really deep philosophical conversations late at night.

Just thank you. Thank you for keeping it real, if that makes any sense. I know that all four of our personalities have clashed at some point or another and I’m thankful that you never let that affect the friendship between the four of us.  You are honestly one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Even if we never speak another word to each other, know that you have made a difference in someone’s life.

With all that being said, I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. I hope that you find another strong group of friends at your new school and that you enjoy your new major. Just don’t forget about Famderson, we’re always going to be here for you if you need us… or if you just want to have another deep late night Skype talk. 🙂



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